Friday, March 27, 2009

A bit about myself and this endeavor

Hiya everyone! (ok, I'm probably talking to myself and one other person, so just be nice and say hi back). :) Seeing how it's a second date now, I think it's time you got to know a bit more about me, in depth, one on one, mano e mano. Yes, I know that's the same thing. At least I think it does. Spanish is not one of my languages. Anyhoo, me.

I'm a young intellectual, currently being hounded and beaten to a squishy pulp by my sciency job, as a techie. I'm in a place that I like to think of as Higgin's Moon. Trying to get by without upsetting "the man". On the bright side though, upon the horizon looms the next great adventure: learning to rule the world!!!! Maybe not quite so much, but a gal can dream. I'll be moving to the prestigious Ariel, where I'll be studying scienceology, and getting my nose glued to a book for the next five or so years of my life. So, this blog may at first be a bit sketchy, flitting between my musings at work (or abroad...), then following me along in my move, and eventually, chronicling my PhD progress and occasional boredom while waiting for things to finish in the lab.

So someday I may require you (and myself, when referring to self in third person) to call me DOCTOR Ladydid, but until then, it's just Ladydid. Or Ktbug. Or both. :)

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