Monday, March 30, 2009

Dr. Isis scares me...

I'm slightly terrified now. First, because there's a man running around with a lighter, threatening the livelihood of my written word, and second, because of the red marks that will be haunting my dreams until Grad School starts this fall. So, here's a basic breakdown for those who don't know. There's two main types of writing in college: science, and everything else. Science has a particular layout scheme that requires careful thought, articulation, and logic. The same can be said for your basic English paper, but somehow, they are very different. English papers have the thesis, which lays out the next several paragraphs, where you argue your point, or analyze the situation. In a science paper, the thesis lays out your claim, where the rest of the paper is devoted to what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and what it showed. The final bit is normally "why I did this, and what it could mean for the rest of the world". It's the key to getting funded, or showing your funding that you weren't a complete waste of space and money.

Many college students enter the University knowing how to write English papers. They must learn, painfully at times, how to write science papers later in their undergrad career. Many students don't even tackle science papers until their junior, or unfortunately, their senior year.
I actually found the opposite to be true for me-I took so many hard science classes (as opposed to social sciences, those sad, weak, meager little creations...) early on, that I unlearned how to write an English paper. I then took some electives my final undergrad year, where I was forced (painfully) to relearn how to write non-science. I'll probably have a few more bits to say about writing scientific papers, and how to properly read them, after I'm done making myself feel better by cowering at my desk, and reading Nature.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I need some color on here, so here's some of my favorite things the web has to offer! Always good when it's a slow day at the lab bench, or a long day waiting for PCR to finish up. Enjoy! And, in case you're worried, all are SFW.


How to Kill a Mockingbird

Extreme sheepherding


For the Birds


And for those with extra time, my favorite flash game: Flow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A bit about myself and this endeavor

Hiya everyone! (ok, I'm probably talking to myself and one other person, so just be nice and say hi back). :) Seeing how it's a second date now, I think it's time you got to know a bit more about me, in depth, one on one, mano e mano. Yes, I know that's the same thing. At least I think it does. Spanish is not one of my languages. Anyhoo, me.

I'm a young intellectual, currently being hounded and beaten to a squishy pulp by my sciency job, as a techie. I'm in a place that I like to think of as Higgin's Moon. Trying to get by without upsetting "the man". On the bright side though, upon the horizon looms the next great adventure: learning to rule the world!!!! Maybe not quite so much, but a gal can dream. I'll be moving to the prestigious Ariel, where I'll be studying scienceology, and getting my nose glued to a book for the next five or so years of my life. So, this blog may at first be a bit sketchy, flitting between my musings at work (or abroad...), then following me along in my move, and eventually, chronicling my PhD progress and occasional boredom while waiting for things to finish in the lab.

So someday I may require you (and myself, when referring to self in third person) to call me DOCTOR Ladydid, but until then, it's just Ladydid. Or Ktbug. Or both. :)

What have I gotten myself into?

Oi. I figured it's about time for me to actually contribute to blogs, rather than just reading and commenting on them. You may have seen my previous posts as Katie 2.0. Granted, there is a possibility that there are other Katie 2.0's floating out in the 'verse. So now, I have my own little nest to make here, and I'm optimistic.

There are a lot of thoughts in my head; I hope some of them are helpful, and others are at the very least entertaining or intriguing. So, here goes!