Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been too long...

It's been a while since I've posted, and there's a lot that's happened. Grad school managed to suck out my soul for the past year, and I'm happy to say, I'm no longer working towards my PhD at River Tam University. I'm not happy to be currently unemployed, however. That part sucks. The first bit was nice, and I got a lot of projects done around the house that I've had no time for. I finally got myself a piano, and moved some of my sheet music here to play again. That has been lovely (except one key seems to hate evil high A). I fixed up the back yard, changing over my ugly temporary garden bed for a much nicer, wooden one-I'll probably write up a short tutorial on how to make raised bed gardens. I'm seeing someone, though we're not officially labeling ourselves yet, but I really really like him. I still have depression, and am still on medication. Or at least, I THINK I have depression-no one seems to want to give me a real answer on what's wrong with my brain. It seems even docs are afraid of the stigma associated with mental "disorders". I haven't had any crazy anxiety attacks in a while, which is fantastic. Most of the time, I'm quite good, but I do still have days (even on medication) when I crawl in bed and can't get out, and feel like there's a troll on my chest. On those days, I just cry, and wait for it to pass-sleeping helps, because it causes time to pass the fastest without me experiencing it. I bred Half Pint, so I hope to have little tiny Half Pints running around in....7 weeks? IF the breeding took....we'll see.

I've sent out my resume, and am continuing to send it out as I find more jobs I might fit the bill for. So, cross your fingers, and let's hope some more good news comes soon. Because, I'd like a job again. Mostly so I can buy fun farmer's market food and awesome cheese and dog toys and cookies. Yeah.

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