Friday, July 10, 2009

what would you like to see?

Hiya crickets! If any of you feel like chirping, what would you like to see as July's "Disease of the Month" post? I've got a few ideas rattling around in my head, but wanted to know if there's anything YOU would like to hear more aboot. (I feel like sounding Canadian)

1 comment:

  1. Are there any discernible disadvantages to using experimental autoimmune encephalitis as an animal model of multiple sclerosis that could invalidate it?

    And your poll baffles me. As far as I know, Lois Lane was the only one of the above who ever got super-powers during an alternate reality of Superman. But still, Mary Jane is a more complex character to begin with. Robin is kind of a douchebag, especially in Teen Titans. And Peach is always getting kidnapped, although she often does manage to send green mushrooms Mario's way.