Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The evolution of my wardrobe.

I've recently been thinking about the way I dress, and why I wear what I wear. I am indeed a fan of TLC's "what not to wear" (oh Clinton, be still my heart!), but for many years, merely watched, instead of taking action towards my own wardrobe. I'll give you an idea of what I'm talking about. In high school, one of the key features of my daily school outfit would be....flannel pants. You know, those ones you can also wear to bed? Yeah. I wouldn't wear them to bed, I'd just wear them to school. I would also often wear large t-shirts, or sweat shirts. I know, sexy, right? In college, I gave myself a new years resolution that I have stuck by ever since (thankfully!). I told myself that I would wear makeup every day. Not crazy amounts, but enough to keep at least the bags out from under my eyes, and make me look awake and alive. I'm cursed (or blessed?) with fair skin, and can look rather ill if I don't wear blush. Never good with self esteem, I hid behind things until that resolution was made. Over the past year or so, I've been slowly adding solid, nice items to my collection of clothing. I even accessorize on occasion! I've made the realization that when I try to look nice, I feel better about myself. I feel more confident-sexy even. And that, might be a problem when I start my PhD program.

I'm desperately hoping that I can maintain my current wardrobe without receiving criticism for it while in my PhD program. I noticed when there last that most people were very laid back in dress. Jeans and t-shirts seemed to rule the halls, both for students and professors. Seeing as I only own one pair of jeans (and I doubt they fit anymore-lost some weight) and few t-shirts, I don't think this code will work well for me. I'm hoping that my femininity can remain intact without people undermining my intelligence. It does seem that to be taken seriously in the work place (women, in science), we need to copy the "boy's" attire. And to that I will turn on my cute flats or wedges, square my shoulders, and click clack away.


  1. the best thing you can do....put the make-up on (only so you feel good/confident) and walk straight with your chin always up. not too high, you have to see where your going. but confidence is a great fashion accessory. and you don't even need to be wearing clothes!

    wardrobe makeover - hmmm. i know there are tons of DIY stuff for t-shirts. shredding them, but that isn't Phd like. i'd say hit up some nice cheap maxi dresses. you can throw a cute cartigan over it while inside. so you look pretty, and not overly laidback, or too professional looking.

  2. The halls of science have not seen Toaster dressed casually since he was an undergrad. I typically wear a tucked-in dress shirt, dark plain pants, and a belt with sneakers. Science is my career, and I am going to be professional about it. This also allows me to separate work clothes from home clothes very well, which is probably a good thing since I work with pathogens.