Friday, June 26, 2009

Stuff's a moving!

On the happy front, I'm currently in negotiations for my first house. Woo! Both seller and buyer have signed the agreement, pending the home inspection, which I've just scheduled for Monday. I'm hoping hoping hoping that nothing major turns up, and that radon levels are low, pests are non-existent (har har), and that there's no expensive, time-consuming damage that I don't yet know about.

On the unhappy front, while driving home last night, I had a flash from the past. Possibly the worst issue I had (have?) with depression was day dreams-more like flashes though, because they'd only take a few seconds to play out. In short, I always died. And seeing as I was in a car last night, I had a visual of me purposefully flipping my car into the meridian. I'm not sure if I should blame my own stupidity for listening to a particular CD (bad memories attached, although I love the songs), or if it's a return of a symptom. Haven't had one of those in a while. Spooked me a bit. I'm ok now, but well, yeah. It's...scary when that happens.

Oh, and I'm finally getting around to a mini responsibility. I'm on a committee for planning an event (won't take place until 2010, thankfully!), and have been given the task of creating the logo and visual aids. I can't work on the aids yet, since we haven't even received the parts to build our own structures. So, I'm working on several logos right now for the group to pick from. I might post it when done.

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