Monday, June 1, 2009

House Hunting, day one.

Oi. So, I just got back from my first trip out to my new city to hunt for houses. Note to self: drop attitude when people look at you funny for being young. Although I know I'm not a fifteen year old angsty teen, strangers might not know that. Because quite honestly, most people still don't realize my age. Someday this'll be a benefit. Until then, suck it up!!! Bring ear plugs if you're rooming with a known snorer.

Anyhoo, the drive out was nice, the drive back was nice. The houses all had potential-some more than others. Half Pint would have been happier with some of the yards than others, so I'm keeping that in mind. I'm also trying to figure out where Half Pint could stay during the day to NOT destroy everything in each house. One house I absolutely loved, has a great yard for the area, plenty of indoor places to keep her during the day, and more than enough space for me. That's though, the potential downfall. It just might be too much house. I would need more roommates for that piece of property, to keep the extra bills down (gas, electric, cable, etc.). The other place I liked had a very nice yard as well, but was further away from the University, and was a bit more inappropriately dated. It'd need some updating, but because the price was so low, making changes would not at all be a problem. Good house for two people (me, Half pint, roommate).

I made a list of positives and negatives for each property, to keep track of things. I'm also marking which negatives can be changed (new stove, new carpet, etc.). I'm hoping that the ones I really liked will still be on the market later this month when I get another chance to go out to the city. If they're not, I'll claim fate intervened. I'll try and focus on some places a little closer to the University on the next trip out. By then, finances should be perfected, and I'll have done more reading on mortgages, radon testing, and "how to determine if the hot water heater needs to be replaced". Woo!!!

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