Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silence is the Enemy

There's an important message being sent around the blog realm today, begging for change. The topic is sexual violence, and its continued survival in Liberia especially. Many people-men and women-have been or know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault. I encourage all of you, to speak out, and ask for change. I first stumbled across this movement on Dr. Isis' blog this morning. Here's the short version. In Liberia, during their most recent war (ended in 2003), roughly 75% of women were raped. Rape is considered a fallout from war-something that just happens. Now, six years after the war ended, there is still an alarming percentage of women a year being raped and attacked by men. Children are the most astounding statistic though, with more than 50% of the reported rapes occurring in children under the age of 12. Think about that for a moment. What were you doing when you were 8, or even 4? How different would your life be if you had been attacked at that age? How much of your childhood would be intact if you'd been raped? Would you be who you are today?

I ask that you at the very least, check out the links. The stories are upsetting and incredible. If you feel a need to do something about this, please, contact your senators and congressmen, asking that we find a way to help. We need to empower these women and children, reminding them that we're all human, and should be treated with respect, no matter our age, gender, or social status.

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