Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm back, I'm alive!

So, you lovelies out there in the 'verse who happen across my wayward blog baby will eventually enjoy some glorious photos (I hope!!) of my recent trip to "the other continent". :) Yes, I know that there are really seven, but I have come to a small conclusion still under review that people function with a closed mind, and like their bubbles. In short, I went to Europe, and being on a ship for transportation, I was quite thoroughly encapsulated. I had no newspapers (COULD have picked up some at the various ports, but who wants to spend valuable tourists bucks finding out what the rest of the world is doing while on vacation???), few tv channels, and let's face it: when I was watching tv, I did not want to watch fox news. The biggest issue for me though, is the no internet. I spend quite a bit of time online waiting for things to happen and finish in the lab, so I have a small arsenal of sites I must visit each day. CuteOverload, IHasAHotdog, UglyOverload, Dr. Isis, etc. So, it is in these I feel the most need to catch up on since I got home. I've missed quite a few blog posts, many comics, and more cute puppy photos than I can possibly view in a day.

Upon returning though, and perusing the blogs, I have been reminded of several things. There's a current debate going on at Dr. Isis' home about annonymity online, and women in science (as usual). I am reminded why I chose to construct a pseudonym, why I blog, and what I hope to get out of it. I hope most, besides being a comfort to myself, that this small page may positively affect someone else. Maybe it'll introduce someone to cute kittehs with string, a new blog, a different perspective. And, eventually, if it's still alive in several years, it'll help someone get through their own trials and tribulations of undergraduate, graduate, or professional life. I feel like I'm stuck in customs, waiting to move to my new city for my new school and new career (as a student, again). Waiting to find a place to call home for the next five years or so. Waiting to find that special someone who can deal with my eccentricities without wanting to kill or maim me. So, here's to hoping I can bring new things to light for myself and you. Whoever you are. :)

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