Monday, April 20, 2009

When it rains, it fricken pours.

I swear. I'm about ready to explode (like this beautiful image, except I'd be more gooey, sticky, and gory, and a little less fire-y). So, I'm about to divulge some info about my life, which has been driving me up the wall these past few weeks. For starters, I am thankful that I have both sets of grandparents in tact. But lately, not everything is coming up roses. One grandmother was FINALLY taken to the doctor's (after about a year of concerning symptoms), only to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My other grandmother was suspected of having lymphoma, only to have that taken off the table, and replaced with sarcoidosis. Then there's me. I was in the ER twice last Monday for kidney stones, and am still waging war with my left kidney more than a week later. I have a CT-IVP scheduled in a few days, then need to make another appointment with my newly found urologist. WOOOOO. I am very much a "do-er". I hate waiting, so waiting for results, and waiting for confirmations is driving me nuts. Oh, and on top of this, might need to cancel my "trip of a lifetime", if I am not well enough to travel. I'd absolutely hate to cancel my trip, since I've been looking forward to this for quite some time, but if my kidney's still causing me serious pain, there's no way I'd survive a ten hour plane ride.

At this point, I could use a stiff drink, but I can't have one because it'd interact with the wonderful drugs the doctor's gave me. Oi.

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