Friday, August 14, 2009

Stupid NFL

Ugh. They're not only letting Vick play, but he's been signed to the Eagles. This whole situation makes me sick. I'm not for public humiliation, but I really hope he gets booed out of every game. It's one thing to be cruel to another human-at least we can say "no", try to fight back, or get help. But an animal? They can't stop the torment. They can't say no. They can't remove themselves from the situation. I guess my anger is two-sided. First, that the NFL didn't put a lifetime ban on the guy. Second, that there were at least two teams who wanted him: the Eagles, and the Bengals. So many people (particularly children) idolize athletes-I know I did. I was a HUGE Bulls fan in the early 90's; Micheal Jordan was kind of my hero, even though I never played basketball. The NFL is screwing with the kids by providing them a good athlete who's a horrible person. He's done horrible things, and yet they're putting him in a position to influence the youth. There are going to be a lot of confused children out there not understanding what's right and wrong because there wasn't proper punishment for the wrong committed. It's bad enough Brittany Spears is back in the spotlight to be idolized; but at least she never killed anything.

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